Goran Vujevic

Goran Vujevic, 30, is Serbia and Montenegro's most experienced player and brings to the team professionalism personified and a serve that sends tremors through opposition line-ups.

Since winning a bronze medal at the European Championships in 1995 Vujevic has always been a lethal attacking weapon and a solid defensive arm on which the Serbia and Montenegro game plan has been built on. In fact he's dependable in all facets of play but his Best Server and Best Receiver awards at the end of the 2000 World League are an illustration of his prowess particularly in these two parts of the game. At 192cm he's not the tallest in Serbia and Montenegro's line-up but he compensates for that with his pace and accuracy both in serving and receiving. His serve is so efficient he has been rated by his local government as "officially the best server in the world".

It comes as no surprise that Serbia and Montenegro's world ranking of three is due in large part to Vujevicís prominent role in the No 13 jersey. The wing spiker, who plays for Italian club side Icom Latina, has been ruthlessly efficient and provides an admirable support base for such stars as Ivan Miljkovic and the Grbic brothers.

With Italy, Cuba and China in the same World League pool Serbia and Montenegro will definitely be drawing on all of Vujevic's experience once again to ensure they progress through to the final round.