Andrea Sartoretti


The 32-year-old Sartoretti was named the Most Valuable player at the 2003 European Championships in which Italy stormed to victory. With an astounding 293 international appearances to his name, Sartoretti is the player all others look to when the going gets tough in the Italian ranks.

Currently togging out for Italian Serie A club side Perugia, Sartoretti is most famous for his skillful yet unusual serving style which sees the 1.94m tall athlete running in a semi-circle whilst spinning the ball in one hand before launching it into the opposing court.

He has earned a plethora of honours both at international and club level including the World Championships in 1998, the Olympic silver medal in 1996 and Olympic bronze in 2000. He has also been a World League champion in 1995, ’97, ’99 and 2000 and a European gold medalist in 1999 and 2003. Throw in four Champion Cups, two European Super Cups and one CEV Cup and it’s not difficult to understand why this Italian star is so well respected on the world circuit.

It is said that Sartoretti’s on-court personality is largely different to that of his off-court character. During a match, Sartoretti is a fierce battler who loudly encourages teammates to give their best. Meanwhile, when not playing, this father of two is shy, quiet and extremely affable.