Olivier Kieffer

As one of France's younger brigade Olivier Kieffer brings with him an exciting and untouched passion and enthusiasm for the game and, along with Stéphane Antiga is creating an unpredictable yet healthy reputation for the French.

At 200cm he is one of the tallest in the French line up and his long and gangly limbs are only accentuated when he dyes his hair. But it's this type of frivolity, which has made Kieffer and his team mates one of the most enjoyable to watch recently, especially during their remarkable performance at the 2002 World Championship where they battled through to a bronze medal.

At only 24, Kieffer was a key to France's success with his athletic blocking prowess backed up by a spike to strike fear in any opposition and he has a very strong and exciting career infront of him.

He is definitely one of a growing crop of exciting young French players and only adds to the theory that French volleyball is in extremely good heart.