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Press conference

Greece beat Japan 3-1 (25-20, 25-17, 22-25, 25-16) - duration 1:46
17-May, start time: 21:00, end time: 22:46 - Attendance: 1,050
Stelios PROSALIKAS (Head Coach, GRE): "Japan was more competitive today, especially in the first set, when their serving was very good. But our team is better and more experienced and we managed to improve in the second set. The injury of Vassilis Kournetas brought a small confusion to our team in the third set, although this was not the fault of Bozidis, who was very good in the fourth set".

Marios GIOURDAS (Team Captain, GRE): "We expected Japan to play better, and this was the case today".

Mikiyasu TANAKA (Head Coach, JPN): "We had a better competitive spirit today. We had good serving in the biginning of the first set and created difficulties for Greece, but in the rest of the match we made many errors and eventually lost due to our poor serving".

Shigeru AOYAMA (Team Captain. JPN): "We believed we could play better today, but unfortunately our problems continued. The team is gradually getting together again and we hope to play better in our next matches against France".