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Wolfgan Kuck

Kuck looks forward to a return to Germany's national squad

After bypassing last year's World League competition due to family reasons Germany's Wolfgang Kuck is very much looking forward to returning to the international court during this year's World League campaign.

The three-time German Volleyballer of the Year is seen as the Achilles heel of the national team as one of the most experienced players in the team with 162 caps. His return to the World League this year is a huge boost for national coach Stelian Moculescu who is working on molding his young side into a top team and has his sights set on improving the German team's world League ninth-place finish last season.

Moculescu has welcomed the return of Kuck, knowing that his expertise and versatility are commodities few coaches can afford to pass up.

"Wolfgang is in his element all the time whether he is attacking, blocking or serving," Moculescu said. "He is in good form at the moment and when he stays healthy he will play an important role." 

The best blocker of the World League 2001 and 2002 seasons Stefan Hübner is also aware of Kuck's enormous ability, particularly in receiving where Hübner says he brings "security and stability".

Kuck, who is playing his third season with French club side UC Montpellier, will be potentially eyeing retirement after this season to concentrate on club play in the French League but for the moment he's looking forward to testing himself again with the other big outside hitters including Andrea Giani, from Italy, and Yugoslavia's Nikola Grbic. A contest bound to create interest far beyond the fans in Germany.