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Michal Rak

With the Czech Republic boasting at least six players taller than 200cm Michal Rak is a mountain among friends. However at 205cm he is a gigantic source of frustration and concern for opposing teams with his baseball-glove-like hands forever in the forefront of the Czech Republic defense.

Never one to shy away from the hard graft Rak is a colossus on the block and proves to be very inspirational to a team making their debit in the 2003 World League.

At only 23 he has amazing potential and is certain to have a huge future in the game and players like him bode well for the future of volleyball in the Eastern European country.

Universal and dynamic teams will do well to steer clear of Rak as there is no doubt that as part of a Czech Republic team capable of throwing up a block like the Great Wall of China, his bulk and wingspan will be increasingly difficult to maneuver around. As such Rak will continue to be a key player in the Czech side.