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Christian Pampel

Ambition and drive has made Christian Pampel fly into the German national team, however, the 23-year-old from Gehrden still has his feet planted on the ground as he prepares for only his second World League campaign this year as one of Germany's most fearsome attacking weapons. 

When Pampel takes off for an attacking shot, it sometimes looks like he can fly. He jumps off and for one moment it seems like he stands still in the air, but then he draws back his arm for a blow and pow! 'Pampi' or 'Pampelino' as he's known to his team mates, fires another scorching spike into the opposition court.

During last year's World League campaign German coach Stelian Moculescu put it succinctly. "If he hits the ball really well, he's a murderer." That should be no devaluation, but quite the opposite, as Moculescu says, "he is extremely high-classed. He's got a very staunch character and clear expectations."

Three things concerning this student cross the mind of the top coach. "He has big eyes, big ears and a small gob" and herewith Moculescu describes Pampel as a very willing, sometimes too ambitious and impatient, but also down to earth person. "He must show the people that it's really fun for him to play volleyball. Often he is much too earnest."

Pampel appreciates that Moculescu wants to make an international player out of him. Four years ago the coach picked the 19-year-old talent out from boarding school in Frankfurt to play for Friedrichshafen. A change in position from middle attacker to an outside attacker and Moculescu is close to shaping Pampel in to an international class player.

However Pampel, much to his displeasure, currently sits as Moculescu's number one option as an alternative to Wolfgang Kuck and Björn Andrae in defence. "I am not a skilled defence player and therefore quite shaky," Pampel says. "When I play well, the reception is fun but if not, I get angry and that spoils the party."

And that sums up Pampel's career to date. A fun-filled party.