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Mauricio Lima

Mauricio Lima enters this year's World League competition as Brazil's oldest and most experienced player with an astonishing 520 caps but having been awarded the best setter award at the World Championship last year no one is prepared to argue that he's past his best.

In one of the less glamorous but most crucial roles in the game of volleyball the 35-year-old from Sao Pćolo continues to make setting an art form. A combination of long limbs and agility provide Mauricio with a superb platform to launch any of Brazil's potent array of attackers.

Following a successful attack it is normally the spikers who get all the kudos but all volleyball aficionados are fully aware that the opportunity to score wouldn't even arise if it wasn't for the likes of Mauricio and his setting comrades.

Mauricio's play in this role has been likened to a ballet dancer. Grace, athleticism and precision are all qualities which he has in abundance and make him a joy to watch ever since he made his debut in the green and gold No 6 jersey in 1987. 

His award as the Best Setter at the 2002 World Championship adds to a wealth of accolades including the Best Setter award at the 1997 Continental Championship, the Olympic Games in 1992 and the 1993 World League.

This year will be Mauricio's 13th World League campaign.