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Marco Liefke

Marco Liefke was told last year his volleyball career over. The last thing a 26-year-old wants to hear but after being told by doctors to give up playing after it was detected he had a heart rhythm problem, the wing spiker is incredibly back in the exciting German lineup, which is participating in its sixth World League campaign.

The comeback, after only six months from the heart operation, illustrates the calibre of the man and his attitude towards volleyball. "Maybe now, without the troubles, I can play more easygoing and as a result of this bring out more of the best in myself," he says. "Somehow the health problems have been a constant blockade for me. The question was always 'when does it start again, when does the heart begin to speed up again'.

A horrible to circumstance to play under but one that Liefke has performed remarkably well under. His body shape of 207cm and 105kgs has always been a topic of conversation but he has always answered the critics with his incredibly professional play and his determination to succeed. Now as Germany's most experienced player with nearly 200 caps he's just happy to keep enjoying the principles of international volleyball as Germany keeps improving on the international stage. 

As you can tell Liefke is thoroughly cool. Never one to lose his temper he even, at times, annoys his team mates by his penchant for keeping calm and focused on the next point rather than kicking up a fuss over a bad referee's call. He prefers to concentrate on his own game, which has become one of the best in the business. His spiking technique includes the entire repertoire; whether diagonal, long line or as a breakpoint, Liefke scores for his team in many ways.