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Stefan Hübner

Despite only being 27-years-of-age Stefan Hübner is one of the most experienced players in the German squad with 141 caps. Even so experts predict the German skipper still has room for a meteoric career and national coach Stelian Moculescu says, "at the moment he is the strongest blocker in the team and one of the best in the world for this position."

At the European 1997 Championships in Netherlands he was one of the strongest players in the German team and played an important role in their historic win over Russia, however even with so much praise the German Volleyballer of the Year for the past four years still has logical goals in place. "I want to be recognized as one of the best in Europe," he says.

He made a step in the right direction at the University Games in 1999. On that occasion the German team was undefeated and caused a sensation by winning the gold medal. But Hübner was quick to set his other goals. In 2000 he transferred to the second league in Italy and within one year made the first division. In Montichiari, Hübner immediately advanced to Superstar and was named the best middle blocker in the League.

Now he is leading a fast-improving German side, which is on a roll at the moment, from the front with performances of utmost maturity.

This German team is building into an exciting prospect and is being superbly guided by the tremendous leadership skills of Hübner as captain. One role every German volleyball fan hopes Hübner keeps.

Stefan Hübner talks about the European Championships:

- We want to go to the European Championship final round in Berlin, to be among the best eight teams.

- We think the World League is good preparation for the European Championship, but of course we want to win some of the matches, too.

- The time (which includes two training sessions per day) with the national team is enough to get used to each other. We don't have more time because of the national leagues.

- The greatest young talent, which we have at the moment, is Jochen Schöps.

- I like being a middle blocker, the greatest thing is to block a ball.

- I will play in Italy next season, too, but that's all I can say

- I would like to play abroad until I am about 34 and then return to Germany.

- I could imagine to work as a coach after my career is over.