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Nalbert Bitencourt


Nalbert Bitencourt is Brazilian volleyball personified. Strong, passionate, eccentric and purely top class on the volleyball court, this 29-year-old is what makes Brazil tick.

The World Championship winning performance last year from "the Boys from Brazil" lived on every word and action Nalbert made. Always one to offer a word, celebrate a point or to gee up his teammates he is the perfect leader.

Nalbert's No 1 haircut and light complexion are trademarks of one of the best captains in world volleyball. His experience is also in the top bracket having been to two Olympic Games and two World Cups and competed in eight World League campaigns.

On court he has developed a superb relationship with Gustavo Endres and both are often seen up in tandem in the block or the first ones to offer congratulations to each other following a successful spike. It is one partnership, which has proved most effective for the yellow and gold team.

Rio de Janeiro born and breed Brazil is very close to Nalbert's heart and there's nothing more satisfying for the U2 fan than a Brazilian success, whether it be on the football field or the volleyball court.