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Juan Jose Salvador

Juan Jose Salvador is one of Spain's most popular volleyball players. Behind superstar Rafael Pascual he is definitely the fans' favourite.

The outgoing personality of this bullfighting aficionado and his ability to handle the press and off court events have added to his spectacular style of play and combined with his permanent smile, he never fails to attract a posse of fans around him in any of his public appearances.

This just adds to the very exciting and strong future of Spanish volleyball, which appears heavily dressed with the number 16 shirt of 'Juanjo' Salvador. 

The center from Almeria has become the leader of a pack of talented young players that are slowly renovating the present and constructing the bright prospect of a lethal Spanish national team. At 200cm tall Salvador plays a key role in the team, and with 256 caps, he has acquired the type of experience to bear some responsibility when the going gets tough.

The 27-year-old stole the limelight at the beginning of the season when he signed for Unicaja Almeria after five successful campaigns in the French and Italian leagues and went on to contribute significantly with his quality play (76 blocks and 183 points in the season) to lead his home team to their fourth consecutive league title.