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Dula Mester

Any team with the attacking prowess of Miljkovic, Vujevic and the Grbic brothers is never short on offensive power but full compliments have to go to 31-year-old Dula Mester, one of the most experienced players in the Serbia and Montenegro lineup, who has consistently been part of the artillery since he made his international debut eight years ago.

At 203cm Mester is one of the tallest players in the Olympic champion's squad and it is this asset, which the boy from Subotica uses so well. And it isn't only for launching any one of his array of missile-like spikes. Mester plays an important role in his defensive role as the middle blocker but it's his combination and flexibility to be able to multi task, which is one of the threads to Serbia and Montenegro's success.

With a younger brigade coming through the ranks Mester knows full well that he has to be seen as a universal player and he is filling that role admirably.

With a third Olympic Games as a target, Mester is on track to be part of the team, which defends Serbia and Montenegro's (formerly Yugoslavia) gold medal.