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Ivan Miljkovic

No scoring arm has been more deadly over the past five years, especially in the last three World Leagues, than that of the lofty 2.06m "Ivan the Terrible", Ivan Miljkovic of Serbia and Montenegro. 

With his huge on-court presence, Miljkovic walked away from the 2001, 2002 and 2003 World League tournaments with the Best Scorer Award. Last year, he was also named the second Best Spiker and the second Best Server as he led Serbia and Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia) with some purely motivational play to third place, their first podium finish in the World League. And in 2003, he was again instrumental in a fantastic Serbian and Montenegroen performance as they finished runner's up to Brazil. 

Since 1998, Miljkovic has been an integral part of a team where each member has an uncanny sense of knowing what the rest of the team is doing. And it's this type of psychic teamwork that allows Miljkovic and his teammates to pit their skills against the flair and the brilliance of the best in the world. The 23-year-old opposite hitter is the backbone of the Serbia and Montenegro team. He has an uncanny knack to always be on hand to deliver a scoring missile capable of humbling the opposition and will certainly remain a key player in his national team for years to come.

Like a number of his teammates, Miljkovic also plays in the lucrative Italian League, a top-flight competition that attracts the world's best, as well as being a perfect training ground to hone his skills even sharper.

Miljkovic's club Lube Banca Marche Macerata won the Italian Cup in February, but more importantly, his constant training with players of the caliber of Gravina, Meoni or Nalbert guarantees that he stays in peak form.

Already named the Most Valuable Player at the 2001 European Championship, Miljkovic has since matured and grown into his role as one of the most dominant and impressive attackers in the world.