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Carlos Teixeira



Carlos Teixeira's big game temperament is one asset Portugal will be dependant on ahead of this year's World League. Teixeira, with 77 caps, is one of the most experienced players is Portugal's line up and one of a few who have played for their country in all three of its appearances in the World League since they joined this prestigious competition in 1999. 

Together with teammates Jose Joao and Hugo Gaspar, the 27-year-old libero in the No. 2 shirt, played a leading role in Portugal's unexpected eighth place at the World Championships in Argentina. This young and inexperienced team has now proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Teixeira's superior ball skills and lead-by-example attitude saw him finish the tournament as the sixth best receiver and the ninth best digger. The results indicate he is fine-tuning his skills just when the Portuguese national side needs him most. After starting his club career in 1987 for the A.A.S. Mamede club, Teixeira gained international honors six years later for the Portuguese youth team at the World Championships in Turkey. Now he's a major star for the Vitória S.C. Guimaraes club in the Portuguese league and is likely to be invaluable to the national side for years to come.