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Slobodan Boskan

The No 6 for Serbia and Montenegro is one of the smartest players on the international volleyball scene.

At 197cm and only 87kg he's not the biggest player on the circuit but he makes up for that with cunning, determination and speed.

He has proved in his eight-year international career extremely quick and agile. Retrieving a dig is just as customary as unleashing a powerful spike or reaching for the stars in making any one of a number of attempted blocks.

While attack is the name of the game in the present age, Boskan provides a beautiful and yet subtle link to defense for Serbia and Montenegro side laden with attacking weapons.

But after six World League campaigns, a World Championship and an Olympic Games gold medal Boskan continues to provide an excellent additional option to the usual attacking suspects such as Miljkovic or the Grbic brothers and at 27 he still has plenty of time and energy to continue in that role.

Boskan is definitely best termed as a "team player".