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Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Italy 3-1 (31-29, 25-21, 17-25, 25-23) - duration 1:42
10-Jul, start time: 17:37, end time: 19:19 - Attendance: 4,500
Brazil upset Italy in a battle of giants of volleyball
The game was an anticipated Final. Both teams arrived at Palacio de Vistalegre sports hall with the intention of stating the fact that any of them could be at Sundays big Final. As a consequence of this, the first set was crowded with spectacular volleyball actions from both sides, great spikes, impossible receptions, powerful serves.
Both giants tried to impose their different style of playing. Giani and Fei from the Italian squad, and Bettencourt and André Heller from Brazilian side were meant to break the tie that lasted for most part of the first set. When the period seemed never-ending, a spike and a direct serve by Giovanne gave Brazil the 0-1 (29-31).

Brazil continued at full motion in the second set. Italy attempted to control the south-american typhoon, but the actions by the offensive line of Brazil were unstoppable for 'azurra' squad. The 20-25 that meant the end of the second set gave a clear lead in the game to Brazilians.

But Italy hadn't said its last word. The third set started with 6-0 from the first rotation by European squad. This advantage towards Italy determined the set. Brazil never found a way to recover that difference, and Italians gave room to hopes with the 25-17.

Brazil wasn't up to play a fifth set, so in the fourth set, Brazilian head coach Bernardo Rezende presented in the field all the stars (Giba, Rodrigao, Mauricio.) that had been coming and going the rest of the game. Italy hang on during the set but when mighty Brazilians are focused on victory, none can stop them.