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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Greece 3-1 (26-24, 25-15, 15-25, 25-21) - duration 1:29
10-Jul, start time: 13:07, end time: 14:36 - Attendance: 400
Serbia&Montenegro upset Greece
Greece, aware that had no options of being in semifinals, started the game focus on offering the public at least one victory against Olympic champions. Throughout the first set, Greeks created problems to its opponents with courage and powerful spikes. Serbia&Montenegro could hang on in the game thanks to actions by opposite Mlijkovic. With the period tied in the last points, a serve error and a block by Yugoslav centers gave Serbia&Montenegro the lead in the match (26-24).

As happened in the previous two games, Geek state of mind was severely affected by this defeat and the second period was controlled by Serbia&Montenegro from beginning to end. 25-15 in the scoreboard and Yugoslav squad took a clear lead in the match.

Greece recovered the self confidence in the third set. Stylianos Prosalikas' players took use of the mistakes of Serbia&Montenegro players in the period to show that Greece still had a few words to say in the game (15-25)

Nevertheless, Serbia&Montenegro could not allow for a five-setter, bearing in mind that a hard semifinal was on the way. Setter Nikola Grbic started moving its peaces to achieve the knockout. Greece tried, but when Olympic Champions are focused, not many teams can change their minds. 25-21 in the fourth set, 3-1 in the game, and Serbia&Montenegro on the way to Finals.