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Match Descriptive

Bulgaria beat Russia 3-1 (18-25, 25-23, 25-18, 25-22) - duration 1:34
10-Jul, start time: 10:37, end time: 12:11 - Attendance: 480
Bulgaria sends home defending champions Russia
Russia imposed a fast tempo in the game from the start, knowing that victory was the only option if they wanted to be in the semifinals. Bulgaria seemed overwhelmed by the start and saw how the first set went to Russian hands (18-25).
Bulgarian squad tried to react in the second set, and created more problem to Russia thanks to the leading of Nikolay Ivanov. The always powerful defense of Russia found problems to accommodate to the diverse offensive actions of its opponent and could not avoid losing the set (25-23).
From that moment on, unforced errors started to appear in Russian side; Bulgaria took use of this situation to perpetuate the leading in the game with a difference in the scoreboard of up to seven points (17-10) in the third set. Russia tried to comeback, but powerful blocks and effective serves by Bulgarian squad maintained the situation for Bulgarian victory in the period (25-18)
Russian centers tried to solve the issue of going behind in the scoreboard by working 200% in the blocking. This improvement put back Russia in the game, but Bulgarian resources seemed non-stoppable. Bulgaria was directed to victory and the 25-22 meant the 3-1 and the elimination of Russia.