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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Spain 3-1 (25-19, 25-20, 20-25, 25-18) - duration 1:38
09-Jul, start time: 20:08, end time: 21:46 - Attendance: 9,900
Serbia&Montenegro beats Spain and becomes the first semifinalist
Serbia&Montenegro tried to avoid to pressure of the cheering crowd by taking an early lead in the first set, thanks to the powerful actions by both opposites. Spain was forced to always be behind in the scoreboard, and despite the audience support, locals could never regain the lead, so the first set went to Yugoslav hands (19-25).
In the second set, Spain tried to upset Olympic champions with offensive actions by captain Rafael Pascual and Gustavo Saucedo, but the extraordinary setting by Nikola Grbic put always Serbia&Montenegro one step forward. After the second technical time-out, the visiting team took use of some local errors to take a clear lead (17-20). This situation blurred Spanish vision, and left enough breath to Serbia&Montenegro to win the set (20-25).
Spain could not leave this game without giving the audience that packed Palacio de Vistalegre the present of at least one set. Then in the third set, a rotation with setter Cosme Prenafeta at the serve gave local an advantage in the scoreboard of 5 points. Serbia&Montenegro tried to recover with actions by Ivan Miljkovic and Andrija Geric, but Spaniards were unstoppable and won the set (25-20).
In the fourth period, both teams exchanged points until the second technical time-out. As in the second set, from that moment on, Spain could not stand the hard offensive pressure by Serbia&Montenegro players. The actions by Miljkovic and Geric, always lead by a sensational Nikola Grbic were enough for visiting team to win the set (18-25) and the game 1-3.