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Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Russia 3-1 (25-19, 24-26, 25-17, 25-15) - duration 1:40
09-Jul, start time: 17:37, end time: 19:17 - Attendance: 2,600
Brazil beats Russia in a clash of titans
From the beginning of the game, both teams made clear that this game would be an anticipated final. The motto of the playing seemed to be who could be more spectacular, as the exchange of pure volleyball actions determined the first set. With the period tied, the Brazilian blocking started to work 200 % and that was the end of the equality. Brazil kept its rival away from pointing and won the first set (25-18).

In the second set, the two opposite ways of understanding volleyball crashed. It was the physical power of Russian players against the fantasy of Brazilian players. During the whole period, no team allowed its opponent a lead of more than one point. Again, the differences were minimal at the end of the set; a block of Russian centers and a direct serve by captain Vadim Khamouttskikh provided the two points difference for Russia to win the set (24-26).

The third period belonged to Brazil from the very beginning. The power of the defense and the work in attacks of André produced an advantage impossible for Russian to overcome. An impossible spike by Giba had as a consequence the 25-17 and the lead in the scoreboard.

Russia couldn't find answer to the Brazilian typhoon. The points from the green shirts came without stop and Russian giants were defenseless against such a show of power. The result of the last set says it all, 25-15 and 3-1. Brazil is on its way to Final.