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Match Descriptive

Czech Republic beat Greece 3-1 (18-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-15) - duration 1:36
09-Jul, start time: 13:07, end time: 14:43 - Attendance: 470
Czech blocks beat Greece
Greece tried to impose the characteristical fast and furious style of playing from the very begining. Czechs seemed to be taken by surprise, as most of the actions ended in errors or opponents blocks. So, Greeks won the first set 25-18.
Czech reaction came in the second set. Rerabek's squad attacks found a way in Greek defense, which, as happened in the first game against Spain, started weakening after the first period. Greek blocking seemed to have problems to stop Czechs, so the 19-25 in the scoreboard meant a tie in the game 1-1.
In the third period, Czech blocking continued working at 110 %. Greece tried to find new alternatives for attacking, but always with the same result: Czech centers. With these circumstances, the set could not have other result than Czech victory (21-25).
Forcing the tie-break was the only goal of Greek team in the fourth set. Nonetheless, the continuous attempts always crashed against Czech defense. This situation gave Czechs a clear lead of 7-8 points in the scoreboard that paved their way to 1-3 (15-25) and to their first victory in 2033 Finals.