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Match Descriptive

Spain beat Greece 3-1 (22-25, 25-21, 25-22, 25-23) - duration 1:52
08-Jul, start time: 20:08, end time: 22:00 - Attendance: 8,500
Spain defeated Greece in a game about confidence aand support
Spain produced a surprising start (6-1) in the first set, but Greece worked hard to overcome that diference. Basing the playing in self-confidence, Greeks took use of some offensive mistake by locals to upset the cheering crowd that filled Palacio de Vistalegre sports hall and win the first period (22-25).
Spaniards couldn't disappoint the home crowd like that, and tried to create more problems to the Greek fighters by making diverse attacking combinations that came out wisely from setter Cosme Prenafeta. With the spikes of leader Rafa Pascual, locals took the lead in the second set to end up tying the game 1-1 (25-21).
The result of the period cause a down fluctuation in Greece's state of mind. Visitors tried to find the way to points but all the attacks were answered by a local team with growing confidence. Spain gained an advantage of 3-4 points early in the period. Despite Greek's attempts, the set remained in Madrid as well (25-22).
This comeback it was all Spaniards needed; from that moment on, the confidence stayed on local side. The combination between Pascual's spikes, Prenafeta's sets and Salvador's first-time actions, plus the support of a cheering audience of more than 7,000 people, provided too much pressure for Greeks. A serving error by Prousalis put the 25-23 in the fourth set and the final 3-1 that meant the first victory in Spain's World League Finals.