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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Czech Republic 3-0 (25-23, 25-22, 26-24) - duration 1:14
08-Jul, start time: 10:38, end time: 11:52 - Attendance: 350
Serbia and Montenegro achieve first victory of the Finals
The first game of the World League Finals taking place at the Palacio Vistalegre de Madrid saw Serbia and Montenegro beat the Czech Republic 3-0.
It was a special opening occasion with the Czech Republic, for World League debutants playing against the Olympic and European Champions.
The continuous errors, both in service and defense, on behalf of both teams, provided equality to a game where eventually the experience of Serbia and Montenegro, much stronger in blocking and counterattack, was imposed. The game turned into a fight between Milijkovic and the Czech Lebl, who were able to set the pace in the first two sets (25-23 and 25-22), which were very equal all throughout.
The third set was the hardest for Serbia and Montenegro because the Czech Republic began to play primarily through the center and was about to win the set. This gave the spectators the chance of watching the most spectacular moments of the game, which ended with Serbia and Montenegro making a comeback and winning the set 26-24.