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Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Portugal 3-1 (25-16, 25-23, 21-25, 25-18) - duration 1:43
28-Jun, start time: 10:07, end time: 11:50 - Attendance: 8,000
Brazil defeats Portugal to secure first place on Pool B Table
Brazil scored their second victory against the Portuguese side in Betim on Saturday, even though the world champions sacrificed one set to the visitors. The result elevates them to first palce in the Pool B Table and completes the six weeks of Intercontinental Rounds in this, the 14th Edition of the World League.
Brazil showed distinct superiority in the opening set and with accurate serving, were easily able to set the block effectively. However Portugal conceded too many mistakes in the opening phase and it was this that tipped the balance- Portugal incurred 10 errors to Brazil's three.
Portugal failed to get their act together in the second set - this time registering 15 errors to Brazil's seven, but what really handicapped the visitors was a string of four injuries. With Manuel Silva, Nuno Pinheiro, Eurico Peixoto and Hugo Gaspar all affected, things looked grim. Coach Juan Diaz responded and made some substitutions but it was not enough for the Portuguese to recover ground. .
Brazil's extrovert coach Bernardo Rezende also decided to change his starting six in the third set, bringing in setter Maurício for Ricardinho, Giba for Nalbert and Anderson for André Nascimento. The result was not immediately successful and Brazilian reception failed to work well. Portugal took quick benefit and pulled back one set by taking the third 25-21.
Rezende stood by his replacement lineup and by the fourth set they were working efficiently together, especially in defense. They went on to settle the match and to assume to top position on the table.