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Match Descriptive

Yugoslavia beat Netherlands 3-0 (27-25, 25-17, 25-23) - duration 1:14
27-Jun, start time: 20:07, end time: 21:21 - Attendance: 5,515
Serbia and Montenegro score a determined victory on their way to Madrid
Serbia and Montenegro, determined to secure their place in the finals in Madrid turned on a strong, if not error-free display of blocking and a fierce attack led by Ivan "the Terrible" Miljkovic, to secure a 3-0 victory over luckless Netherlands in just one hour 14 minutes.
The Blues surged through the first set and pushed the Dutch team to 24:23. With little effort and much support from the spectators, the "Blues" then secured the first set 27:25.
The Dutch Team were powerless to find an answer to the attacks of the Serbian and Montenegrin team in the first half of the second set. Some long rallies and several actions by the elegant setter Nikola Grbic, well supported by Boskan and Miljkovic soon led to the second technical time out and a rattled Dutch side.
then Serbia and Montenegro suffered a setback when Miljkovic, determined to run after every point, ran into the advertizing panels and sustained an injury. But even that misfortune to one of their key players failed to deter the Blues determination to win.
Meanwhile the Dutch were incurring a number of service errors and seemed powerless to stop the Serbia and Montenegro attack. They wrapped up the second set 25:17 in just 21 minutes.
Serbia and Montenegro started the third set with many mistakes and for a while it looked as though they would sacrifice the advantage to the Dutch Team. The Netherlands' Bontje and Freriks then turned up the heat and almost managed to get their team back in the running, however it was too little too late and Serbia and Montenegro left the court the 3-0 winner.