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Match Descriptive

Bulgaria beat Cuba 3-0 (25-19, 32-30, 25-15) - duration 1:23
25-May, start time: 8:37, end time: 10:00 - Attendance: 5,050
Bulgaria came back in the rematch with Cuba - 3:0
The first set started with Cuba going ahead with some beautiful combinations, finished by Aldazabal and Cala. Then Plamen Konstantinow and Evggeni Ivanov turned the game to expected level and Bulgaria took the lead. They never missed it till the end of the set. The same thing happened in the second part, when Cuba took the lead and kept things that way. Bulgaria had trouble with the young Cuban team only in these moments. There were 8 equalisations at the end of the set before host win it after a tramendous fight and too much mistakes for the both sides. Bulgarian captain and setter Nikolay Ivanov was playing too flat but in the most tramendous moments was on his best. It was beautiful to watch the play of Milorad Kijac's boys in the third set. There was no explanation what happend to Cuba, but their player were very upset and confused. They made too much mistakes and it was not a problem for the host side to win. After the game Bulgaria returned their ambitions of taking first or second place in pool C and going to the final round of the World League.