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Press conference

Bulgaria beat Russia 3-1 (18-25, 25-23, 25-18, 25-22) - duration 1:34
10-Jul, start time: 10:37, end time: 12:11 - Attendance: 480
The national head coach of Bulgaria, Milorad Kjac couldn't avoid feeling glad for the result after the victory over Russia. "After losing the first two games, it was difficult for us to face this match, even harder if the opponent was Russia, " said Kjac, "we went in the World League with little time to prepare but we have showed the world the level we can reach".

The bulgarian captain, Nikolay Ivanov was very happy about the victory as well. "With this result we have proved that we can beat any team in the World".

The feelings were not quite the same in the russian squad. "We have played a very bad game, so today is the end for us in this competition", said head coach Guennadi Chipouline, "we had some important players missing, but we have to start thinking on the European Championship, and for sure we will make changes in the team".

As for the russian player, Pavel Abramov, said that the team "has not been at the best level in any of the games of the championship, this is why we have to say goodbye".