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Press conference

Czech Republic beat Greece 3-1 (18-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-15) - duration 1:36
09-Jul, start time: 13:07, end time: 14:43 - Attendance: 470
The national head coach of Greece, Stylianos Prosalikas pointed out that his team played better today; "Czech team has been a better team than Spain yesterday; I think we have had some physical problems in those games because we couldn't keep our endurance throughout; now ew just have to think on the European Championship"

Greek captain, Marios Gkiourdas said "we have played better than yesterday, but our defeat makes us lose all our chances, so I just can congratulate the Czech team".

The national head coach of Czech Republic, Pavel Rerabek said that "we have played already with Greece, so I am happy to confirm our position in the Final; we still have options and we will hard for them to come through".

The Czech captain, Ivo Dubs pointed out that "it was a very hard game for us, since Greeks played a very good first set. Fortunatelly, we could play our game and achieve a victory that makes us very happy".