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Press conference

Italy beat Bulgaria 3-1 (21-25, 25-19, 25-23, 25-23) - duration 1:40
09-Jul, start time: 10:36, end time: 12:16 - Attendance: 650
The national head coach of Bulgaria, Milorad Kijac said "I don't understand how we could lose this game, we tried hard but at last we couldn't achieve a victory; so, for tomorrow, we just need to win if we still want to have our chances".

The bulgarian captain, Nikolay Ivanov pointed out that "we couldn't win; I'd like to congratulate italian team beacuse they were better than us, and we couldn't beat them".

The italian captain, Andrea Giani said "we are happy because we achieved our first victory and we should be very glad for this because we are in a very difficult group. With this result, we still have chances to be in semifinals".

Italian head coach, Gian Paolo Montali said: "I think the same that my captain".