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Press conference

Brazil beat Bulgaria 3-1 (19-25, 25-21, 25-18, 25-11) - duration 1:31
08-Jul, start time: 13:08, end time: 14:39 - Attendance: 550
National head coach of Bulgaria, Kijac Milorad said "I think we still can play well as we did in the first set; this is the best conclusion we can have from the gam"

Bulgarian Captain, Nikolay Ivanov said: "our problem has been that we never tought of us winning the game; we hope we will forget this game soon, so tomorrow we can play a different game"

National head Coach of Brasil, Bernardo Rezende said: "We are happy for our victory, since we are in the so called 'Group of death"; the victory is important, and we are glad we won but I am not very happy for our playing"

Brasilian Captain, Nalbert Bitencourt pointed out that "we know we have a very difficult game tomorrow, so we must keep our confidence"