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Press conference

Brazil beat Portugal 3-1 (21-25, 25-16, 25-14, 25-19) - duration 1:41
27-Jun, start time: 15:37, end time: 17:18 - Attendance: 8,000
Bernardo Rezende - Brazilian head coach

"I am very sorry for Pinheiro's injury. It would be a much harder test for Brazil if we had faced a complete team. Anyway, the match today had two sides. The positive one was André Heller's performance. He came back after many weeks away from the group and did a great job. The negative side was that Brazil did not play well today. The performance we had against Portugal this Friday is not enough to put us among the best four teams in the finals".

Nalbert - Brazilian captain

"We played awful in the first set and we learned one more lesson today: our team can not come in the court totally disconcentrated. We have to be 100% always. If we don't, our mistakes become a lack of trust. Now we have to talk seriously to correct this kind of problem".

Juan Diaz - Portugal's head coach

"Brazil recovered from the first set and deserved to win. However I have to say that our team did a good job in the first set".

Ubirajara Pereira - Portugal's captain

"Our team started to play very well in the begnning of the first match but became to make a lot of mistakes after Nuno got injured. We let Brazil grow up and they started to make things difficult for us especially on the serve".