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Press conference

Czech Republic beat Greece 3-0 (29-27, 25-22, 25-23) - duration 1:32
25-May, start time: 21:07, end time: 22:39 - Attendance: 3,720
Stelios PROSALIKAS (Head Coach, GRE): "Players are not winning machines. In two months we have played fifteen matches without defeat, and they time would have come when we would have to concede defeat. In the same way that we won the tie-break at Larissa on Friday, we lost the first today --and that was crucial in deciding the match. The main characteristic of our team today was that we were tired. I hope that with the return of our injured players on the lineup, we will start winning again".

Marios GIOURDAS (Team Captain, GRE): "Finally, we lost a match. This is a normal result, following our poor performance. Defeats are needed for any team, but we still hope we can come away with two victories in Japan next weekend"

Pavel RERABEK (Head Coach, CZE): "This is a historic win for us --our first in the World League, against a very strong opponent and away from home. I changed the starting lineup, leaving out Dalibor Polak who is a good player, but well-known to the Greeks. Jakub Novotny emerged as a very successful substitute. I believe that we will continue to improve".

Ivo DUBS (Team Captain, CZE): "I am very happy and proud to have been present at this victory. We really played as a team today".