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Photo gallery Germany vs. Portugal

Referee F. Lekkas (GRE) speaking to captains Wolfgang Kuck (GER) and Ubirajara Pereira (POR)

Arena Leipzig

Björn Andrae (GER) attacking against Ubirajara Pereira (POR)

Frank Dehne (GER) attacking against Manuel Silva and Joao Jose (POR)

Christian Pampel (GER) attacking against Hugo Gaspar (POR)

Wolfgang Kuck (GER) attacking against Ubirajara Peireira (POR) and Nuno Pinheiro (POR)

Björn Andrae (GER) attacking against Jorge Alves (POR) and Joao Jose (POR)


Hugo Gaspar (POR) attacking against Wolfgang Kuck and Norbert Walter (GER)

Joao Jose (POR) attacking against Norbert Walter (GER)

Nuno Pinheiro, Ubirajara Peireira and Jorge Alves (POR) blocking Björn Andrae (POR)

Hugo Gaspar (POR) attacking against Wolfgang Kuck (GER)

Stelian Moculescu (GER) coaching Ralf Bergmann (GER)

Joao Jose (POR) attacking

Manuel Silva (POR) celebrating

Juan Diaz (CUB) coaching

Björn Andrae (GER) passing

Carlos Teixeira, Joao Malveiro and Joao Jose (POR) celebrating

Wolfgang Kuck (GER) very disapointed after loosing the match

Press conference