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Photo gallery France vs. Japan

Philippe Barca-Cysique on attck for France

Nobuyoshi Hosokawa makes a spike for Japan

France's best scorer Laurent Capet as normal, with his mouth open on attack

Team talk time for Japan

France captain Dominique Daquin in full flow on attack

Frantz Granvorka's spike is blocked by Nobuhiro Ito (No3) and Ryu Morishige (No13)

Atsushi Kobayashi blocks another spike from Frantz Granvorka

Frantz Granvorka signs for the fans

Philippe Barca-Cysique helps out the media

The after match press conference with (from left to right) French captain Dominique Daquin and French coach Philippe Blain and Japanese coach Mikiyasu Tanaka and captain Shigeru Aoyama

France celebrate a 3-1 victory

The Japanese team are happy after taking the third set 25-22

Daisuke Usami on attack for Japan

Loc Lemarrec sets for Jean Charles Monneraye

Ryu Morishige tries to beat Laurent Capet

A view from the stands at Palais des Sports de Beaulieu in Nantes

France captain Dominique Daquin gets up for the block against Nobuharu Saito

Japan is represented well in the stands

Takahiro Yamamoto was Japan's best scorer on the night

Takahiro Yamamoto about to unleash another spike