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Photo gallery France vs. Czech Rep

Philippe Barca-Cysique on attack against Michal Rak and Dalibor Polak of the Czech Republic

Philippe Barca-Cysique tries to spike past Peter Platenik and Martin Lebl

French coach Philippe Blain in a team talk

French coach Philippe Blain watches his notes on the sideline

Laurent Capet unleashes another spike on the Czech Republic

Laurent Capet gets his spike past Michal Rak and Dalibor Polak

The attack of Laurent Capet once again proves too much for Marek Novotny, Lukas Tichacek and Martin Lebl

Laurent Capet spikes past the Czech Republic defense of Martin Lebl and Dalibor Polak

Peter Platenik on attack for the Czech Republic

Dominique Daquin tries to spike past the huge defense of Michal Rak

Andy Ces, Dominique Daquin, Hubert Henno and Laurent Capet all join in on the French celebrations

Team talk time for France

True team spirit - France in a team talk

Frantz Granvorka in full flow for France

One of the most lethal servers in the game - Frantz Granvorka

Frantz Granvorka spikes past Michal Rak and Lukas Tichacek

One of the best liberos in the game - Hubert Henno in action

Vincent Montmeat preparing to spike

One of the best players on the night - Jean-Charles Monneraye spikes another point for France

Marek Novotny spikes past French captain Dominique Daquin and Philippe Barca-Cysique

Marek Novotny tries to pass Laurent Capet, Dominique Daquin and Frantz Granvorka

The defense of French captain Dominique Daquin and Philippe Barca-Cysique proves too much for Marek Novotny

Jean-Charles Monneraye gets high to block Peter Platenik

Dalibor Polak spikes past Dominique Daquin and Philippe Barca-Cysique