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World League 2002 - Press Info

Match Descriptive

Netherlands beat Cuba 3-1 (25-15, 24-26, 25-17, 25-18) - duration 1:28
05-Jul, start time: 20:02, end time: 21:30 - Attendance: 3,170
Dutch form improving; solid 3-1 victory over Cuba
The Dutch team started with a lot of spirit in this their first match at home in the 2002 World League tournament, taking an immediate lead, which they maintained with a two to three point advantage right up to the second technical time out. They then sprinted to the end of the set, notching up an impressive 10-point margin. The Dutch blocking was particularly impressive.
The second set was more equal and despite a lot of service errors Cuba grabbed a three point advantage for 16-13, before Nummerdor's hard serving and good blocking by Paulides and Gortzen reversed the order and gave the Dutch a 17-16 lead.
The final stage of the second set was a heart-stopper. The Dutch had the chance to level 24-all when Pimienta showed spiking skills to let Cuba take the set 26-24.
Netherlands then settled and reverted to their first set playing power to score solid victories in the two remaining sets. Schuil and Gortzen made the difference with good spiking, supported by the block strength of Paulides and Oltshoorn.
"I'm very happy with this victory," said Dutch captain Reinder Nummerdor. "Our play improved a lot since last week against Germany. We played with a lot more spirit and fought for every ball. That is our strength."
Bert Goedkoop, coach of the Dutch Team also was satisfied with his team's performance. "It is hard to give the best fighting spirit every game. Last week we didn't succeed in that, but today we did. But that is very difficult when you have to play 80 or 90 matches in a season," he said, crediting Joost Kooistra with great defending. "That gave us a good spirit," the coach added.
Cuba's captain Pimienta agreed that the team had not given their best performance. "We didn't play well and had a lot of problems with concentration. I hope we will do better tomorrow," he said.
Cuba's coach Ramos Rivas agreed. " We trained well this last week, but this wasn't a nice evening for us. You must always be aggressive, and this we didn't manage."