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Photo gallery Netherlands vs. Cuba

Garcia smashing

Robert Horstink smashing

Congratulations for Bas vd Goor (NED)

Congratulations for Bas vd Goor (NED)


Teamphoto Cuba

Teamphoto Netherlands

Coach Bert Goedkoop (NED)


Dutch support

Joost Kooistran (NED)

Timeout for coach Bert Goedkoop

Reinder Nummerdor smashing

Richard Scuil against Henry Bell (CUB)

Henry Bell (CUB) digging

FiVB official

Missing ball by Joost Kooistra (NED)

Yelling Nico Freriks

Stadium view

Pimienta spiking

Dutch celebration

Dutch support

Libero Chambers of Cuba

Press conference

Pimienta by Press Conference

Dutch support