Wednesday, 23 May 2018
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We tried to do everything to beat Korea: Terzic

Serbia coach Zoran Terzic and Korea coach Kim Hyung-Sil (right)
 Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: It was a very important game for us. In the first two tournaments we finished second and today we could change that to first place, so we really tried to do everything to win against Korea. In the first two sets, we did very well and in the third not so good, but enough. I'd like to congratulate my players for all three tournaments and hope and expect for my team to be in good shape in the final tournament in Macau.

(Re. improvements in the team): We didn't make anything new in the three tournaments. We tried to make all elements better. Before, the Serbian team were very good in serve and blocking, but we had a little problem with attack and especially defence. But in these three tournaments we took these two elements to a very good level.   

(Re. Jelena Nikolic): Yesterday, Nikolic played her first game after three, four or five months and it's not possible for her to play two games in two days. Her condition is bad at the moment in terms of volleyball. I'm happy she feels good and has no pain and can practice without any problem. So for (appearing in) the final tournament in Macau, definitely not. Maybe she can play some part of the game, but not at the level she can play. I hope she will be ready for the European Championship.  

Serbia No. 2 Jovana Brakocevic: We played up and down at times but it was difficult to stick to how we wanted to play. In parts of the game we played to our game plan but at other times we didn't. When it was difficult we could unite as a team and the result was our win. I appreciate my team. We are improving very well in this tournament and hopefully we will improve more in upcoming matches to become champions.

(Overall in World Grand Prix): In the whole tournament from the start we had to play the best teams. Also in Tokyo we had to play very good teams in Japan, Russia and Korea, which was very difficult because all three countries play different styles and we had to adjust our game to them. Every day was different and we just tried to improve, but we are happy with the results and how we managed everything.

Korean coach Kim Hyung-Sil: Congratulations to Serbia that they won a ticket to Macau. Our players practiced very hard and did their best to go to Macau, but the result was disappointing, but I'm proud of my players. Now they are playing in the league in Korea, so we couldn't get together. In addition, some of the players were injured. So I knew our players didn't have enough physical strength, which is probably why we lost. 

Korea No. 10 Kim Yeon-Koung: We're disappointed that we lost this match. We would have been able to progress if we'd won this match but we didn't perform very well today. Even thought we lost to Japan and Serbia, we could beat Russia, so we are happy about that. We have become physically tired from this tournament, but we played our best and personally I got many points, so I think I did my best. But we need to improve our fitness. However, at this moment all we need is to take a rest.


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