Thursday, 21 June 2018
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We did our best: Cuban captain Silie

Russia head coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin looks relaxed after the win over Cuba during the press conference, as team captain Maria Borisenko comments on Russia's performance
Cuba captain Yusidey Silie: “We are honoured to play Russia, one of the world’s greatest teams. Although our form was not that perfect, I think we did our best. I expect a better performance in our next match.”

Russia captain Maria Borisenko: “It’s our first match in the 2011 World Grand Prix, so it’s very difficult to predict the other teams’ performance. However, I’m very happy for our team’s 3-1 win over Cuba. I hope my team will win again in our next match against Peru.”

Cuba coach Juan Gala Rodriguez: “Congratulations Russia on their win over us. We understand Russia’s great experience and skill. Despite the loss, I think we obtained some experience from playing Russia in this match.”

Russia coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin: “Seeing how both teams play, I think we are capable of beating Cuba. The Cubans are also strong, but they have new, young players. We have shown our real level in this match. I think both teams set up a good fight. Every team participating in this year’s World Grand Prix has the same goal: next year’s Olympic Games. The London Olympics are also our ultimate goal. As for our next match against Peru, we will make a big plan for sure.”

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