Sunday, 22 April 2018
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It was a difficult match: Russia coach

Russia's Maria Borisenko and coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin
 Serbia coach Zoran Terzic: I can be satisfied in some aspects today. First, we rested some players and also Jelena Nikolic played her first game after many months. And also we took one point, which was very important for us. In other ways, I definitely can't be satisfied with how we played. I don't know what the reason was. Maybe we were a bit scared – I don't know what is the reason we played pretty badly in a big part of the game.

Serbia No. 3 Sanja Malagurski: We started out a little nervously with a lot of mistakes, so we lost the first set. After that we concentrated better and won two sets. We thought we could win against he world No. 1 but we made many mistakes again and lost the match. I hope tomorrow will be better in our last match and we can win against Korea. 

Russia coach Vladimir Kuzyutkin: It was certainly a difficult match and we had many problems during the match. We have to keep improving as a team and also individually. The reason why we won was because we took advantage of their problems. I don't have any complaints with my players and if we keep our current level, it would be fine. 

(Re. Japan): I have been observing Japan for 20 or 30 years  and I think that last year they had some problems with players but as a whole I find them very interesting and we always take note of how they are. 

Russia captain Maria Borisenko: We won three sets and we're happy to win the match and we have to improve for future games.


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