Monday, 25 June 2018
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Scoring against Cuba is not easy: Cristofani

Cuba head coach Juan Gala Rodriguez, second from right, says he is happy that his team finally regained their pride
Peru coach Luca Cristofani: We tried to recover, but our game was only a bit better than in Saturday’s match. Two young players joined our team against Cuba. The most important point was that we could not score in some crucial situations. To score any points against Cuba is not easy. I hope that next week we will come out with improved form. I expect we will play with a full team for the first time in this tournament.

Peru captain Elena Keldibekova: Congratulations on Cuba’s win. Actually, we played well today. We fielded young players in the team just to regain our strength and fight. Unfortunately, we lost the match.
Cuba captain Yusidey Silie: It’s our first time to win in this year’s World Grand Prix. We still have many things to learn and develop for a better future. We will continue our fight next week and hope that we can improve our game and luck.

Cuba coach Juan Gala Rodriguez: The tournament is very important to our team. I think we have many problems to resolve. We improved on the things we did wrong the day before. I hope my team will get the chance to participate in more major tournaments in the near future. We just want to tell the world that Cuba is a sport-loving country. In the match we lost to Thailand, my players wept because they had a lot of pressure playing against Thailand and their noisy fans. Luck was with us and we can finally regain our pride following the 3-0 win over Peru. 


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