Thursday, 21 June 2018
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McCutcheon: "The score cannot say anything. Thailand caused us a lot of problems."

McCutcheon: "The score cannot say anything. Thailand caused us a lot of problems."

Thailand captain Wilavan Apinyapong: "I think everyone in my team did her best today. However, the USA's players are very tall. They played very well, especially their high blocking. We did a lot of mistakes on serving. We played disappointingly today. However, I hope we will come back with improved form against Italy in our last match here.

Head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai: "Congratulations to the USA. It was like what my team captain had said earlier. We did our best and we found it very difficult to score points. Actually, we played according to game plan, but we served badly. Our blocking also did not live up to my expectation. However, spirit remains in our team. I hope we will come back stronger tomorrow and play our best game against Italy.

USA libero Sykora Stacy: "Thailand are a great team. They are strong with quick combination. Our defence and blocking are our key to success today. However, I think we have many things to improve. Thailand are one of the strong Asian teams. To play them is not easy. We did our best in taking on them. We always played them seriously. I think they have markedly improved their performance compared with last year we took on them."

Head coach Hugh McCutcheon: "The score cannot say anything, I think. Thailand are very strong and caused us a lot of problems. In the second set, we gained composure and played a good game against Thailand and their cheering fans. I think it's a tough match. It's hard to say if we can beat Puerto Rico tomorrow. We just want to play good one at a time and try to win each match we play."


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