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Press interview of the World Grand Prix third leg Group G in Bangkoik

With their final assault in the World Grand Prix just one day ahead of the start of the third leg Group G contest in Bangkok, Cuban head coach Antonio Perdomo Estrella said that his girls have to make a clean sweep in the remaining three matches to make sure his side will make it to the grand final in Japan from July 9 to 13.

Shortly after the teams’ briefing chaired by Control Committee Chairman Katsumi Wakao at Radisson Hotel on Wednesday was over, the press interview took place, with a large number of Thai reporters from televisions and newspapers attending.

Following were interview contents given by head coaches of teams participating in Group G in Bangkok.



“I would like to greet everyone attending the press interview here. On our chances, we have to make a clean sweep by beating every team in Bangkok to make sure that Cuba will be the top five advancing to the grand final in Yogohama, Japan.

“Despite the fact that we really had tough matches in Hong Kong since we had to play Italy, China and Japan and lost to the first two teams, I’m still confident that we can make it to the final. We are now in the sixth position of the overall standing. To accomplish that goal, we have to beat every team here.”



“After the first two weekends in Kobe, Japan and in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, we had tough matches. We had yet won a single set here which resulted in the bottom place we finished in the overall standing. I hope that my girls can improve their fortune here. However, Win or loss, we will bring valuable experience for future use, especially to improve our tactics and techniques ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing.”



“It’s very difficult to make it to the final in Japan. Every team is strong and came up with great form. Like Cuba, if we want to make sure we will claim a place in the final round, we have to beat every team here. It’s a tough mission.

“In the first weekend in Ningbo, China, we beat only Thailand and in Vinh Phuc, we had only one win over Kazakhstan against two losses. It’s not easy to beat Cuba, while we already took on Thailand. I hope my team will beat Thailand and Kazakhstan and make a good encounter against Cuba. I’m convinced my girls will try their best.”



“From the first weekend to the third one, I think we had tough matches. Every team is very strong. It’s good to play much stronger teams in order that we can improve our tactics and form from those matches.

“As many teams have been preparing for the Olympic Games, my girls find it rather difficult to beat those teams. Also, the return trip from Poland to Thailand, my girls were very tired of the long journey. They need more times to acclimatize to the Thai conditions presently apart from the time difference. However, I believe that my girls will make good matches against visiting rivals. We, as the home team, will do our best and won’t let our fans down.

“Against Kazakhstan in the curtain-raisers on Friday, I think we have a chance of beating them. They will play without their highly-skilled captain Helena Pavlova. I think our chance to beat them this time is not that difficult.”


The World Grand Prix third leg in Bangkok will take place from July 4 to 6 at The Mall Bangkapi’s MCC Hall. On Friday, hosts Thailand play Kazakhstan at 2pm, with Cuba taking on Germany at 5pm.


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