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Ruiz: Our team was tired

China cheers after winning


The captain of Cuba team Yumika Ruiz Luaces said that both teams performed very well but their team was very tired today. China will meet Cuba again in the Olympic Games. Luaces thinks that China is a very strong team and her team will have to prepare well for the games.  

The coach of Cuba team Perdomo Estrella Antonio commented that both teams performed very well.


When asked about her performance today, the captain of China team Feng Kun said that her performance was quite stable. In all the previous games, she has discovered her own problems. Hopefully, she should be able to perform better in the upcoming games.

Feng Kun also commented on their opponent, the Cuba team. She said that the Cuban girls’ attacks were very outstanding and they have advantage in their heights. The most important thing the China team has to do is to try their best and focus on the strength of each of the player from Cuba.

The head coach of China team Chen Zhonghe said that both teams played very well today since they are equally strong. He said that their team was well-prepared and the teamwork has improved with some fluctuations. Once their tactics were being broken by the opponent team, they lost confidence and resulted in quite a number of the errors especially in serving. However, Chen said that the China team was generally good in their attack and variations in their tactics.

When Japan won the Asian Championship, China did not field out their best team. Chen said that the Japanese team has improved a lot and so the match against Japan will be a difficult match. They will try their best to win the match.