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PRELIMINARY ROUND: WEEK 2                                                                                                       10 - 12 August 2007

Host Organiser: Tokyo, JAPAN GROUP D      >>

Teams participating in Tokyo, JAPAN:
Brazil, Japan, Netherlands, Chinese Taipei


Tokyo, Japan's capital city, where the 1st and 2nd week preliminary rounds will be staged is the centre of the political and financial life in Japan and has an entire population of over eleven million.


 A full venue during the 2006 WGP

The Ariake Colosseum with a capacity of  9,000 seats



Host Organiser: Khabarovsk, RUSSIA GROUP E     

Teams participating in Khabarovsk, RUSSIA:
Russia, Cuba, USA, Kazakhstan

Khabarovsk is stretched on 50 km along the Amur River. The largest economic, financial and transport centre of the Far East with more than 600 thousand population, Khabarovsk constantly updates and modernizes its shape. THe convenient arrangement on the crossing overland, water and air ways makes the capital of the territory a powerful transport unit.



Host Organiser: Hong Kong, CHINA  GROUP F     


Teams participating in Hong Kong, China:                
Italy, China, Dominican Republic, Poland       

Hong Kong is one of Asia's most important commercial, business and trade regions. It ranks as the world's third-largest financial center,second-largest container port and number-one exporter and manufacturer of textiles, clothing and toys. Many consider Hong Kong to be the most beautiful harbor city in Asia. Whether all visitors agree or not is open to question, but few, if any at all, will dispute Hong Kong's reputation as one of the best places in the world for shopping.

Hong Kong Coliseum, capacity: 10'647                                

9, Cheong Wan Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon,  Hong Kong, China