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FIVB World Grand Prix 2007
Match Description
Bitter result for Chinese Taipei at home pool

TPE No.2 Lin Chun-Yi attacking against DOM No.18 De La Cruz's blocking

Having failed all the matches from previous pools, Chinese Taipei aimed at a victory at home against Dominican Team. Dominican Team, sitting in the same position, had been thinking the same thing. With superior attacking and altenative tippings, Dominican successfully messed up TPE's rhythm. Failing to get back on feet, Chinese Taipei lost out the first set by obvious gap.

Chinese Taipei did not easily knuckle under, quickly re-organised themselves in the 2nd set, which effectively led to direct point-gaining. However, Dominican learned the situation fast, then came up with confirming workarounds and took the set.

With no fallback position, Chinese Taipei held their breath and kept on fighting powerful attacking by Dominican Team. Although TPE was able to come closer at times in the first half of set, lacking effective blocking against superior and powerful attacking by Dominican Team, Chinese Taipei was bitterly defeated in the end.