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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
China beats Thailand 3-0

The China Team during time-out session

China beats Thailand 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-22)


China Head Coach (Chen Zhonghe)

“The control of the pace for today’s match was not satisfactory.”


“The Thailand team players are good at receiving. Yet they are a bit weak in blocking due to their disadvantage in height.”


“We had missed a lot of opportunities to gain points.”


“Our young players performed quite well today, especially Xu Yunli.”


“I think we will do much better in the coming matches. We hope to perform with our usual standard.”


“Azerbaijan did quite well today. They are quite a strong team. We beat them by 3-1 in the last match.”


China Team Captain (#2 Feng Kun)

“Our performance was of average. We hope to do better in the coming matches.”


“It is true that the coordination of the team was affected without Zhao Suhong. We hope to have better cooperation in the coming matches.”


Thailand Head Coach (Chanbunchee Suttichai)

“For today’s match, we had some problems in receiving and attacking.”


“Our team has improved a lot and so has China.”


Thailand Team Captain (#14 Patcharee Sangmuang)

“We did not put much pressure on ourselves for today’s match. We tried to score point by point. We made a lot of mistakes in the game.”


“We admire the China team very much. They are good at attacking and receiving.”