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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Match Press conference - Russia beat Azerbaijan 3-2

Interaction between Azerbaijan team players

Russia beat Azerbaijan 3-2


Russia Head Coach (Caprara Giovanni)

“It was a difficult match.”


“We did not do many court trainings in the previous weeks. We are still working on weight training and our players are a little bit heavy and tired.”


“I am happy that our team could win the match under this condition.”


“We are ready to beat any team, even when we are going to play against China on Sunday.”


“We are fortunate to have two very tall players. They are both good players, yet they are a bit slow sometimes.”


Russia Team Captain (#7 Natalia Safronova)

“It was not easy for us to win.”


“We did not have enough attention when playing the game.”


“We will do better in the coming matches.”


Azerbaijan Head Coach (Faig Garyev)

“Physical condition is not the main reason leading to our loss today. I think both teams played equally well and gained point by point in the first four sets.”


“In the fifth set, Russia was relatively stronger. Congratulations to Russia.”


“Every team in this competition is a strong team. The match against China will be a rather difficult one.”