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FIVB World Grand Prix 2006
Press Conference
Russia dash Italy’s hopes

Russia elated at their place in the final

Italy’s captain Simona Rinieri-Dennis: “We started well, won two sets and then were unable to play. Russia made a great comeback.”


Russia’s captain Natalia Safronova: “We started badly, but we showed great staying power and character to come back from two sets down, force the tie-break and win a place in the final.”


Italy’s head coach Marco Bonitta: “The first set and a half was one match, the remainder was a different one. I know why we lost and I’m disappointed that my captain doesn’t. Our team hasn’t learned why – or indeed how – we lose. They think too much about what is behind them or ahead of them and not enough about what they should be doing on the court.”


Russia’s head coach Giovanni Caprara: “The key to winning the match was when our players started to defend well. In particular, our two tallest players – Merkulova and Gamova – were outstanding. This is what helped us to come back into the game and win.”